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Rouge O2 – Vinlufter

159 kr 80 kr

Aldri tid til å lufte vinen? Med denne lufteren tar det bare et minutt!

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Dette produktet tilfører små luftbobler ned i vinen, som gjør at en vin kan luftes på kun et minutt!
Produktet bruker to AAA-batterier (medfølger ikke).

Produsentens beskrivelse av produktet:
The Rouge 02 electronic wine breather is the first of its kind in the world, being electronic! To enjoy most wines you should allow them to breath or decant for at least an hour before drinking, but how often do we forget or do not allow enough time, or simply unexpected guests arrive and you need another bottle? The Rouge 02 is the perfect solution as it reduces breathing time from two hours down to one minute in a controlled and sophisticated way. It works by gently bubbling air through the wine, releasing its full bouquet and flavour, operating on triple AAA batteries which can be used on over 230 bottles and has an automatic mechanism to ensure correct breathing time.

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